Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving at Enchanted Rock

Every year when I was a kid my family would go camping at Enchanted Rock State Park in Texas.  We always went with the same two families which has created a special bond between all of us.  I have such dear memories of camping at Enchanted Rock and I've wanted to share this with Derek for some time now.  I think he was a bit skeptical at first when he heard about a giant granite rock in the middle of Texas that was this huge tourist destination.  But I'm pretty sure he ended up loving the trip and wouldn't even mind going back again.  Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving.

My Mom and Amy planned all the meals and did an especially fantastic job with Thanksgiving dinner.  Mom made the gravy and turkey ahead of time.  We wrapped the turkey up in foil and re-heated it on the fire.  We made stuffing and rolls in the crock pot and also did mashed potatoes and a Waldorf salad.  We heated up green beans and had store bought pies.  Everything was so delicious!!!

The cave is definitely one of the most exciting parts about Enchanted Rock.  15 of us went through the cave together including a 2-year old, 3-year old, and 5-year old.  My Dad, our fearless leader, was the guide and Derek brought up the rear.  Everyone was so helpful with the kiddos dispersed throughout the pack.  It took us about 5 times the normal length of time it would take to get through the cave but we had a blast and it was neat all going through together.  There were some pretty tight spots that I wasn't sure that I was going to make it out of!

Of course sitting around the campfire and playing with the kids is always a blast, too!  Here are a bunch of pictures from our fabulous camping vacation.

Delicious food and the best company!

Silly kids and Grandpa enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.

We all loved the hammock.

Echo Canyon.

Dante was so excited about the cave that I don't think he ever took off his head lamp.

If you look real close you can see Minnie and Ethan with their fun and adventurous friend, Lori!

Aww...the cute Breeden family!

I love seeing Derek with his nieces and nephews.  He's such a great Uncle!!!

Brett brought his Traxxas truck and everyone had a great time driving it.

I love the kids' faces in this picture. 

For some odd reason Charlie and Molly loved getting in the dog crate.  Good think CPS wasn't searching the area for suspicious behavior.

All 15 of us standing right outside of the cave exit.

Brett and Derek acting like thugs in the cave.


What a treat it was to have Lori come!

These kids are too cute!

This is in the biggest area of the cave.  I still can't believe the kids acted like champs during this adventure!

The cousins love each other and their Grandpa so much!

Break time.

Craft time.

Of course Dad got one of his signature migraines and sweet Amy gave him a neck massage.

Derek serving my mama Thanksgiving mashed potatoes like a true gentleman.

I just love my family so much and I am so grateful that we were able to create another memory with our growing families.  The only downside is that Elise and her family were not able to come.  Marshall only had a couple of days off for Thanksgiving so they stayed back in North Caroline.  Elise, Marshall and Abigail you were missed immensely!


  1. Man sure looks like I fun. I am happy that you documented it and shared it.

  2. Looks like a blast. I know exactly where this place is too - good old central Texas.

  3. This was such a fun Thanksgiving and I am so grateful you invited me! It was great to experience after all these years of hearing about this tradition. Thank you!!